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This post is a Q and A. I was trying to leave a response to Cindy’s question in the FB group we belong to but the page was unresponsive. In order to not lose my answer completely because of a unresponsive page or internet problem, I transfered the response here to my blog page.

Cindy’s response to this blog post

Great article, Allison. I miss seeing you! Hey, can you comment on the concept of emotions being held (even trapped) at a cellular level? I think of the book by Candace Pert, ” Molecules of Emotion”. Can everyone change belief the way you mention in your article, or would some need to do some kind of body work to make permanent change? 

My response:

Thank you, Cindy! I miss your beautiful smile and energy!

Sure. I am happy to share my thoughts about this. “Trapped” is an interesting word. It might cause some one to feel “edgy” or worried like there’s a lot of work to do in order to create a new belief or that there are beliefs that are “stuck” somewhere in the body and you’re going to have to “dig deep” in order to “free” them.

Before I go any further into this idea, let me share a thought. With all the physics and personal development study I’ve been doing over the years, I realized something the other day that struck me very profoundly. I was walking through the library and all of a sudden I didn’t see books any more … I saw unique, wonderful, incredible and diverse PERSPECTIVES.

What I mean by that is when we understand that each human walking the earth 1) creates their own realities 2) and does this by what they believe to be true for themselves, in relation to each experience, we begin to understand how the world, as we each see it, gets created.

Also … do you remember the quantum physics idea where scientists discoverd that electrons behaved differently when they were observed?  I believe we all have beliefs (electrons) and those beliefs create our realities (by “activating” them which is done by filtering them through an emotion. We can “see” what they are by how we feel.)

Candace is a human with beliefs, perspectives and experiences, who proves the realness of them to herself and others who would like that experience (myself included for a while), just like you and I do, with all the stuff we believe.

I have come to understand that ANY modality of healing … whether is be a certain diet, “mining” for negative, limiting beliefs or running 6 miles a day is a “permission” slip that we (humans) use as a way of allowing a process, or experience, to unfold. That is why a modality (conventional and holistic) will work for one person and not another.

The modality is pretty much static; a person’s beliefs about healing and health are not.

I’ve had modailites not work several times in the begining of treatment but then they do after I become different … both on a belief and cellular level. I am not the same person I was only moments ago.

Do we really need to do them—modalities? Sometimes, and sometimes not. It depends on the experience you would like to have. But whether we feel we do or we feel we don’t, it’s the unique, blessed, wonderful personal perspective that is allowing us to have our own experiential reality … which is WHY we’re here in physical form to begin with—to play with molding ideas into form, to experince what it’s like to have beliefs made manifest.

How fun it all is!!

We want to EXPERIENCE THE PHYSICAL REALITY, OUR PRIVIATE, INTENSE, BEAUTIFUL REALITY, IN A WAY THAT IS PLEASING TO US. So, we need a guidebook and that guidebook is our unique belief system. In other words, thoughts we just keep thinking with emotion. It helps us know which trails (modalities, ideas, methods, choices, teachers to work with, food to eat, etc.) are going to be the most fun to explore for us as individuals. How do we know which trails to hike? We follow our highest level of excitement in that moment and follow that as far as we can take it. Then, we do it again.

Another way to look at this is to consider the story of a man who lived approximately 2015 years ago. They called him … well, let’s just say his name was “Sam” to keep this simple.

Sam did not possess (according to my understanding) “magical” powers that he used to heal others. In other words, it was not he who healed the other person. Was he considered a “healer”? Yes. Was he the one who did the actual healing? No.

His magical powers were that he was able to “see” (in his mind’s eye) the people who came to him IN THEIR PERFECT STATE OF HEALTH … even when they believed themselves to be sick and were, in their reality, dripping with illness. Their illness was real and everyone could see it. Yes, this was true.

But in Sam’s reality, they were not ill. Do you follow? They were not the same realities, even though they were standing right next to each other in the same time and space. (This is the same as two neighbors living directly next to each other and one is in financial hardship, the other not. Two different experiences, different realities, same neighborhood, same date in time … July, 2015.)

Those who were “magically healed” by Sam got better because … they were open to aligning themselves to the frequency of better health that Sam was holding within himself … OF THEM.

Sam did not say, “Okay, Sarah, I see that you have the symptoms of fibromyalgia. I want you to tap here, here and here three times a day to release the “negative” thoughts, take this pill with every meal, get some physical and psychotherapy twice a week and come back in a month. Oh, and drink plenty of water, sleep at least 8 hours a night, watch your cholesterol and for goodness sake, get some exercise, please. Calories in, calories out you know.”

He said, “I love you.” and “saw” the person in their ideal health.

If they were ready, they did, too.

In other words, Sam had a belief that in order to heal physically, mentally and emotionally, you simply needed to align yourself emotionally with the frequency of the health you seek. (That is part of the emotional journey of life, not the action journey). That process … only takes a second to do once you believe you can. Time and space are illusions, remember? We can “bend” time, taking all the shortcuts we want, if and when we want.

And once you believe it takes no more than a second, you don’t need any follow up visits or time to heal. Yes, it might take a few weeks or months for your symptoms to disappear but otherwise you will align with true health immediately.

Sam did not know about EFT, yoga, TIR, psychotherapy, acupuncture, energy healing, past life regression, ART, Chakras therapy, or even “eating right” therapy.

He simply said, “I see you as whole. Does that work for you?”

In order to change a belief I believe (here’s that personal perspective/belief thing again…) it’s as easy as simply asking the right questions such as, “What would I need to believe is true for me in relationship to this circumstance in order for me to feel this way?” I believe that modalities and experiences, even the ones Candace talks about, are all wonderful … and when they serve the individual in a way that’s positive (“positive” meaning integrative, inclusive as opposed to “negative” meaning separative or pushing apart) so much the better.

So …. my long answer to your question is, “Yes and yes.”

Yes … anyone can change a belief just by becoming aware of it. The exposure of it in your awareness dissolves it instantly. But … if you want to play with modalities as a follow-up or take longer in time, that is perfect, too.

However, nothing more is truly needed when you don’t believe it is. Once you’re aware of the belief, the simply fact of being aware of it will allow it to release it’s “power” over the person unless … you keep it active by thinking and feeling about it differently. 

And yes … some people desire/need to experience a particular modality in order to change, or transform, the belief. Why? Because they believe they need it in order to change the belief. And that is perfect.

One way is NOT better than any other. They both serve the individual exactly as the person desires.

We are here, in physical form, for the experience of being physical and trying out different paths. I, personally (as of today as I write this) am choosing both paths to travel. I am changing beliefs just by allowing them to be “exposed” and dissolved and I’m also exploring the fun of experiencing different modalities in order to change others.

Why? Because I can and it’s fun. Being a physical being is fun and playing with different ideas and how they can be experienced is fun. Contrast is fun! ( but just so you know … I prefer the “positive” ideas over the “negative” ones more often than not.)

Candace is explaining in her book, her beliefs, perspective, and experiences with regard to emotions, health and how healing takes place. Think of her book, my book, any book, as a travel guide. The author is telling us where they went, and what their experience was like … at that particualar time in space. Two people, standing in the same place in time, will always write two different perspectives … I mean, books. Candace’s book is a wonderful book, by the way. I loved reading it. It helped me a lot to expand my life experience.

How you, and I (or Bob Proctor, President Obama, Bono or the 5 year-old girl who lives next door), and everyone else perceives reality is unique and individual to us and if we decide that changing our beliefs is simply … *then that will be our experience.

There is no “right” way, “wrong” way, faster or slower way to create our experiences in life. We get to decide how we want things to be. I know, I know … somedays it doesn’t feel like this but feel is the key word. How we feel about life is everything.

How do you think we got to the reality we got to with computers and planes and the internet? We decided it would be this way. We felt it was time. We allowed inspiration to transform itself into idea flow. We followed that idea flow into inspired action. We believed it was possible.

Then, we created it on both a micro and macro scale. But always remember, no one person will experience reality in the same way.

We both see green when we look at this text, but the precise hue is a unique translation for both me and you.

Just try getting the same report from two people who get in a car accident. You will get two completely different viewpoints! This is life … a beautiful exchange of perspectives.

One last idea before I will be off for today.

When a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound?

No, it doesn’t.

Why? Because sound is word we use to describe the translation of vibration … by the receiver. If there is no one there to receive and translate the vibration into sound, there is no thing we call sound.

Same goes for reality. If there’s no one to translate the frequencies into sight, sound, taste, touch and smell, into what we call an experience, there’s no reality (realized experience). You are the most incredible translator of vibration and frequency! You, beautiful Cindy, get to decide how you want this reality to be translated … even how fast or slow you transform your beliefs from ones you don’t want into ones you would prefer!

My very best to you, dear friend, and it is my intention that our paths will cross again very soon!

PS. The included image is of an electron in a wave pattern.

*I want to define the difference between wishing thinking and true beliefs for readers. Wishful thinking does not produce action. True beliefs inspire a person into action. For example, I believe that eating fruits and vegetables is good for me and I enjoy it, so I do it. I also believe that drinking water is good for me, and it produces outcomes for by body I desire, so I do it. Also, I do not believe in struggling in my relationships with my friends and family, so I don’t. I don’t get “in the middle” of arguments between my kids or family members and I believe that every situation I experience is in part, one that I create. So I remind myself when it appears like a relationship/encounter is going be a struggle … I find ease in my relationships. For me, getting along with others is easy. This is not avoiding “difficult” situations, this is creating a reality that is more fun!

Atomic series. Interplay of lights and fractal elements on the subject of quantum mechanics, particle physics and energy.
Atomic series. Interplay of lights and fractal elements on the subject of quantum mechanics, particle physics and energy.(

One thought on “Dear Cindy …

  1. I Love it! Thank you for taking the times to express so clearly your perspective in this moment in time. I “get” it.
    Time for Cindy to create effortless abundance in all areas of life. Why? Because she can! 🙂

    Thanks heaps Allison …
    I am creating the reality of our paths crossing very soon. And if you buy in…VERY SOON!

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