Have you ever said, “I feel lost in life. How do I find my way!”?

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PROBLEM: “I feel completely lost in life. How can I find my way, find myself, when I feel so lost?”

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SOLUTION: All feelings of every type, are SECONDARY steps. When you feel something, the fact is that it would not be possible to feel what you’re feeling if you didn’t believe, or define something, to be true for you—FIRST.

You cannot have a feeling of any kind without first believing or defining something to be true for you.

Beliefs are the first touch point in the manifestation matrix. They live deep within your psyche, your mind and are revealed to you, realized by you, through your feelings. Energy, in the form of invisible vibrations, is always moving through a four step process of becoming.

1) It’s filtered through beliefs.

2) It’s “made” into feeling.

3) It’s translated into thoughts, ideas, dreams, and mental images.

4) It’s transformed into action. (Every action, whether it helps you or hurts you, is “inspired” action because you’re inspired from emotion to action.)

Inspired means: to make (someone) want to do something: to give (someone) an idea about what to do or create; to cause (something) to happen or be created.

If you have a belief that is separative and “negative” such as, “I’ll never be successful.” , “I’m no good.” or “I’ll never find a boyfriend/husband.” you’ll know this is so because you’ll feel lost, angry, jealous, or upset (emotions that you don’t prefer). You will find yourself choosing words that let you know what you believe to be true for you.

If you have a belief that is integrative and “positive” such as, “I’ll achieve my goal. All in good time.”, “I’m good enough.” or “The right person is out there for me.” you will know this is so because you will feel on-purpose, happy, abundant, or calm (emotions that you do prefer) even without the result. You will find yourself choosing words that let you know what you believe to be true for you.

If you’re feeling lost and you’d prefer not to, ask the question, “What are you showing me, emotion? What belief would I have to buy into to feel this way? What would I have to believe is true ABOUT MYSELF IN RELATION TO THIS SITUATION to feel what I’m feeling. What am I defining, what belief do I have, that I’m holding onto as true?

WORD OF CAUTION: I’m not refering to what you say to yourself intellectually that you know is just lip service. How do you know if you’re just giving yourself lip service? You say one thing and feel another. Your thoughts and feeling are incoherent. Incoherent vibrations are not harmonic, and don’t feel good. How do you know what you’re really feeling? You pay attention and you’re honest with yourself. It’s that easy.

Feelings are the messengers knocking on your door telling you, MAKING YOU AWARE OF, what ideas you’ve invested in and are keeping alive by thinking about over and over again.

They are not subconscious (meaning 100%  below your awareness) thoughts because the feeling is not sub-conscious. If you have a feeling (and we have them all day long in the wakescape and at night in the dreamscape), you know you have a belief that is causing it. With a little focus of your attention and 1-3% more awareness, you’ll easily discover what the belief is. You’re aware you feel lost because you use the words, “I feel lost.”

Once you know what the belief is, it’ll most likely dissolve fast, if you don’t keep it active. (Just like your muscles “dissolved” when you gave up your gym membership.) This is no different than once you know Highway 294 is no longer open, you won’t don’t try to take it to work anymore. Or, maybe you do for a few days but you’ll stop that action fast because you’re fully aware it’s getting you nowhere.

What do you do once you’re fully aware of a belief that is not serving you, your growth and your progress? You invest in the belief YOU WOULD PREFER. 

How do you know when you’ve done that … invested in the different belief? You feel better AND get better results.

Here’s a simple test. Read the following sentences and be honest with yourself about how you feel when you read them.

1) I am weathly, monitarily.

2) I am beautiful, physically.

3) I can be my true self in front of others and feel totally comfortable.

4) I am professionally successful.

5) I am worthy of good feeling love, attention and success.

6) I do not need people, situations or circumstances to change in order to feel happy.

How’d you do? Did you feel good when you read those sentences or did you feel something other than good?

If you did not feel good, that’s your indication you have a belief that is different than what you read. (Please be honest with yourself. Your feeling better, and your new results, depend on it!)

When you have better feeling emotions … that’s your first indication that you’ve changed a belief. A physical manifestation is NOT the first indication; it’s the last. Your better feeling is the first indication you’re on a new path.

What if you don’t feel better? You haven’t changed the belief. Your feelings are all the proof you need.

Do you want to know the “secret” to manifesting the results you want, faster? HINT: It’s not about acting different first. The action journey is the last step in the process of getting what you want in life.

1) Pay attention to how you feel.

2) Bring the belief that is creating that feeling to your full awareness.

3) Invest in a different belief (the one that you’d prefer).

4) Notice how you feel better.

5) Then AND ONLY THEN will you see different results such as being happy regardless of your situation, earning more money, meeting your life partner, or being in better health.

If you feel like crap, you’ll get crappy results. If you feel abundant, you’ll get abundant results. You can’t get to abundance from crappy. You have to get to abundant, as a feeling, first, in order to see physical abundance. (Watch the movie Inside-Out by Pixar. It’ll explain all of this!)

The craziest thing is that before now (2015) so few people realized that emotion IS a manifestation. Did you catch that part? Don’t skim over it, it’s so important! Emotion is a manifestation. So many people I talk to believe that only physical things are manifestations. Not true. Emotions are non-physical in nature, yes, but the are manifestations.

The defintion of manifestation is: a sign that shows something clearly; one of the forms that something has when it appears or occurs.

Emotions make it quite clear what you believe to be true for you when they occur.

Emotion is the first step in the “making manifest” process that all human beings go through as we turn thoughts to things. By the way, you are turning thought to things every day. I’m not just referring to the people who “have it all”.

How do you think you created the life you have so far? Are these creations (results, experiences, situations) things (relationships, health, finances, success, happiness) you want?

Would you like to know how to create more of the stuff you do want and less of the stuff you don’t? Find out more here.

Regardless, this post is telling you exactly how to create more of the experiences you want. What I’ve learned, as a Master of Education for over 15 years now, is that even when you give a student the answer, that doesn’t mean they know it. That doesn’t mean they understand it on a level that it will effect their results. Experiential learning is the only real kind of learning. You can’t know it until you do it for yourself.

“Me do myself.” was my oldest daughter’s favorite phrase as soon as she could talk. She didn’t want me to tell her how to do something, she wanted to experience it herself. This is what I mean by experiential learning.

In conclusion, if you have recently (or ever) said to yourself or someone else, “I feel lost”, or maybe you just felt this but you didn’t articulate it in words, follow the 4 step process of above. You will know you’ve been liberated from limiting beliefs when you feel better! I promise you your results will soon follow. It’s universal law!

And most importantly …. you will feel better.

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