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There is a word used often in the marketing world. It’s the word “secret”. It’s also the title of a popular movie in personal development, a practice used in high school to defeat others emotionally, a way to keep our real selves hidden from the world, and a way to make opening birthday presents more special.

Everyone’s got a secret formula or a secret they must tell you right now or a secret ingredient that will change your life if only you buy their product now.

In grade school, if someone told a secret and wouldn’t let me in on it, I got mad. Secrets have untold power to take us down or … lift us up as in the case of a secret love of something or someone. We all love knowing secrets and we feel like we got a leg up when we know one.

I bet you opened this email because you thought I’d tell you a super special secret, huh? That urge to want to be in the know is powerful.

Here’s the truth. What I’m about to tell you is only a secret if you don’t know it. For me, what I’m about to tell you was kept a secret from me only because I couldn’t figure out how to make it work for me. It’s taken me (this is only reflective of my personal journey and is not indicative of yours) 5 years of solid daily study and application to figure this out.

By the phrase “figure this out” what I mean is take it from an intellectual understanding to a direct cognition. Direct cognition is that visceral, all over body, feeling in your gut, knowing in your soul, don’t have to explain it to anyone else kind of knowing. It’s the kind of knowing that softly sits in the background of your life as it does not need attention, proving, or emotional engagement. It just is … true for you.

For example, if your name is Sally … and it’s been Sally since day one, you have a direct cognition that Sally is your name. It’s not something you think too hard about, question the realness of, debate with your friends, argue for the morality of, become argumentative when someone doubts it’s your authentic name, post about on FB daily, tweet photos of your monogramed bathroom towels, write blogposts about or feel the need to talk indecently at  social gatherings. Frankly, you just quietly, unquestionably know it’s your name.

Direct cognition is the pencil with which we script, and edit, our life stories.

Back to the big news, the big secret.

I’m about to spill the beans, by the way, on a “secret” that once you know as true for you, will save you hundreds of dollars on programs, books, seminars and coaching session. It’s the one thing that will help you turn all those amazing thoughts and dreams you have into  tangible things.

And get this … this secret has nothing to do with special potions, tonics or rituals. It’s all 100% BTP (buy this package) free and there’s nothing you need to do beyond what I’m about to tell you.

This secret actually has 7 parts and they are all equally important. I didn’t realize (make real for me) each step exactly in this order, but in hindsight I can assure you this is as close to the ideal order as we could probably ask for.

(Drumroll, please)

And the secret I’m sharing is …. the process of how to turn thoughts to things.

(crickets chirping)

You still here?

If you are, I want to give you the whole formula .. right here and now. No need to tap here, twirl there, buy this, coach with me for a mere $12,000, adapt this ritual, eat this not that, or anything else. If you’re someone who wants to be happier and create more fun stuff in your life, then here you go: the recipe.

I’m calling this Accelerate Your Mojo: A 7 Step Formula for Feeling Happier and Creating More Abundance. 

Attractive blond woman driving on snail. Concept of speed. Isolated on white background


First, because I needed some words to go with this funny image. I like it and wanted to find a way to use it somehow.

Second, because these are words that describe what happened to me when I followed these steps. I didn’t make a million dollars or become famous, but I do feel so much better in my skin, I’m much more self-assured, self-confidence, my marriage got better, I stopped yelling at my kids, I stopped doubting my worthiness, and little by little I share more of my “real self” with others. I did make more money along the way, too, but I’m putting that low on the list of benefits because the money, any increase in money, is always an effect of something else changing internally, first. I like to start with first things first.

The real work, the way we create our realities, is always internal first … then external (in its form). The internal landscape is my forté and I love sharing what I’ve learned.

Tea is much more fun with two people.

Accelerate Your Mojo: A 7 Step Formula for Feeling Happier and Creating More Abundance

1) Create a clear vision (dream, idea, mental picture, outline, initial concept) of what you want.

2) Infuse this idea with passion, also known as excitement, desire, enthusiasm, OMG’s, Hell Yah baby’s and annoying loud whoohoo’s. The thing you want MUST be paired with a strong energy and high levels of excitement. Emotion is energy in motion and it takes a lot to get a rocket off the ground. (If you’re just interested in something, you won’t be bothered to do what it takes to make it happen.)

3) Belief … know, explore, examine, that you have the belief that this thing you want can happen. Beliefs are what allow a thing to manifest. If you don’t believe you’re worthy of this thing, it won’t happen. Find out what you currently believe and adjust it to what you’d prefer to believe. (I’m not talking about intellectual belief, I’m talking specifically about emotional belief. And I know … you know … what I’m talk’n about. This may sound harsh … but if you don’t have the thing you want, you don’t emotionally believe you can have it.)

4) Acceptance … totally accept yourself and this new belief as true FOR YOU. (It matters NOT what is true for others.) Explore your EGS (emotional guidance system which is based on the emotional scale of resonance) and move as far as you can up the scale from fear, doubt, anger, etc. to gratitude and joy. PRODUCT WARNING: THIS TAKES TIME. How much? I don’t know. (How’s that for some life coaching??) This part is 100% up to you and what you believe. (i.e. change takes a long time, I don’t have enough time, etc.)

5) Focused attention and intention …you must make this new thing a focused choice (not an effort, this is not about how hard you can work) above all else. “Above all else” means all the noise and data bombarding us today.

6) Inspired action … which is a very different thing than forced action. Inspired action is fun, exciting, motivational, inspirational to you. Forced action sounds like, “Ugh, I’ve got to (insert action) again today. This sucks but I’ll do it anyway because I don’t know how to change my life.” (Hint: Now you do. You’re reading the process for sustainable life changes right now.)

7) Detach from the outcome … emotionally. When something manifests it’s technically old news. Take your emotional claws out of having to have it happen. This is the critical step to  “making” it happen. A bit of a paradox, yes, but we humans like a good puzzle. The minute you stop desperately wanting it to happen, needing it to happen, is the minute you allow it to happen.

Follow this “secret” formula and see what happens? If you’re not 100% happy with every aspect of your life, I dare say you got nothing to loose.

Happy, happy!

PS. I am using the term mojo to mean … increased energy, positive self-image, self-confidence, happiness, chutzpah, good cheer, success, gracefulness, gratefulness, positive mindset and ease with the unfolding of life.




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