The Story of Your Life

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“Write the story. Don’t write the sentences.” ~James Patterson.

Isabella and I are signed up for a writing course with James Patterson. In it, he’s talking about the many things, one of which is that you don’t write sentences, you write a story.

For me, I can immediately see the parallels with personal development.

Step #1 of creating a new, improved version of your life is to have a vision. To form an idea of what you want, have a dream, create a mental picture.

Basically, you are trying to “write a (new) story”, not just sentences. The image you get, mentally, will be representative of what your life will be like once the story has “been published”, so to speak.

“Writing the sentences” … (i.e. trying to figure out how something will happen) is not our highest priority. Do not misinterpret that to mean that we don’t take action. We do.

But there is a HUGE difference between inspired action and forced (Oh, what the heck, I’ll just do this cause I got nothing better or worse … God, I hope this time it works!) action.

Forced action is trying to write sentences. (Most people would get writer’s block from this, or “life” block.)

Inspired action is what you do when you “write the story”. You trust that because you have an idea that you’re focused upon with unwavering belief, your job is simply to take action on the stuff that feels the best to you … as you create (write) your story.

Exciting, yes??

If you’re wanting something better to “be edited into” your story (life), try sitting under a nice tree this summer, glass of ice cold water by your side, and sketch “a scene” that you’d like to edit into your life.

Write the story, not the sentences.

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