État d’esprit, you and me

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Sometimes conversations we have on Facebook are super cool. This one is a copy and paste replica of a recent one that helped me make sense of my own creative abilities. I’ve recently begun to finally understand, deep within myself, how to create more of what I want.

Now … this is kind of funny because I’ve been in personal development for over 4 years now, study and apply what I learn everyday (yes, I’m mildly obsessed with learning and teaching this stuff) and you’d think that I would have a handle on the most effective process for creating results by now.

But, we don’t have direct cognition, until we do. We’re all just bumping around on this physical plane doing the best we can.

Here’s the conversation.

My FB post on June 1, 2015: Circumstances don’t matter. Only state of mind matters. Get it? Circumstances don’t create matter, only state of mind creates matter … literally. All the cool stuff we have now was created by a mindset, not a circumstance. The circumstance that the thing desired was missing. The mindset and inspired action created it. Yee haw!

Response from Stephanie Hall Smith: From The Invention of Wings: thoughts of Hetty/Handful as she decides to escape from her life as a slave in pre-Civil War Charleston: “I …thought of the girl who bathed in the copper tub. I thought of the woman who stole a bullet mold. I loved that woman. I went over everything I’d seen out there on the harbor, everything I knew. I sat with my hands still, my eyes closed, my mind flying with the gulls, the world tilting like a bird wing. When I stood up, everyone one of my limbs was shaking.” State of Mind . . .

Response from Amy Andrews Payleitner: State of mind! State of matter. Very clear, Allison!

My second comment was: Now … for the believing part!! That’s the hardest part for us spiritual being having a physical experience. The state of pure, unadulterated belief is the rub. Most don’t have it.The coolest thing I’ve learned lately is that once you decide you’d like something do be different in your reality the first thing that will happen is the same thing. Nothing will change, most likely. So, in a nutshell, we can relax knowing that in the beginning the same reality is going to be reflected back to us. It’s a kind of test, asking if we’re true believers in the new thing we want before we get to see, hear, taste, touch and smell it.

If we stay consistent in our belief, that’s when the magic begins ….eventually. It is up to us to stay in the understanding of true belief, stay happy, and stay calm as reality reflects back to us what “is”. If we stay calm and stay focused on what we want, that’s when reality will begin to alter its form to look more like the thing we want. If we get frustrated at the lack of physical changes in our world, all bets are off. We basically screw ourselves and things stop moving forward. Why? Because we’re the ones creating our realities.

I also learned that the vision, with all its glorious detail, is only a REPRESENTATION of where we are going. It’s the same thing as, say, a photo of the Eiffel Tower you look at to know that’s what you’ll see on your trip. However, you might see the Tower at night, while it’s raining, from the taxi, from a local park,from far away, etc. Your specific vantage point, unique perspective will not be exactly as you’ve imagined.

What do we get then? The version of reality we need delivered to us from our higher selves, which knows more than we do about what we really need. The higher mind always translates the desire we send it into the form of images (visualizations) and hands it back to us as “ideas” to take inspired action on. “I just got a great idea!” is a person’s higher self translating their vibration of desire into a readable format: an image/vision/thought/ glimpse of something cool to do, be or have.

For Paris, the image of the tower represents the GENERAL IDEA of what we’re creating, not always the exact experience we’ll have. This allows us to relax a bit from trying to be super creative … knowing that we’re heading toward a generalization, not an exaction. It’s easier to play in the sandbox of creation when we don’t have to know exactly what our creation needs to be (size, dimension, shape). No one is grading us on the creations that we want to experience in life. But if we “try to hard” then it’s like we’re giving ourselves an “F” (emotionally) before we even get started.

(You know that Far Side cartoon with the kid pushing the door that says “pull” and the sign that says “School for the Gifted”? That’s how most of us try to create our better lives: push, shove, try hard, mini tantrum, repeat.)    











(I took this photo when I lived in France in 1989 for the year in a study abroad program.)

We can soften our thrust of desire a bit knowing that the exact details will take care of themselves. If the desire for the exact thing is too strong, we can actually hold ourselves apart from the experience we’re wanting. It’s like trying to poop when you’re constipated. Trying too hard just doesn’t work well. Relaxing is the answer, allowing. The other cool thing? This will make no sense to anyone until (s)he gets to this place of direct cognition themselves, direct experience, and says, “Ah, yes, now I get it!”

(This photo is of me (on the right) in France at age 18. Anne-Sophie Duchamp was my “host sister” for the year. I included it … because, frankly, I look funny.)


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