Turning It Around in 68 Seconds

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Some days don’t go as well as we’d like. I’m not referring to the physical stuff being as we’d like such as having the more money, the better health, the big success. I’m talking about the emotional path we take from the time we wake up to the time we rest our head on the pillow again.

Ever hear of the 17 second rule?

As with any new sport you’re learning, it takes some practice. I heard someone say recently that genus is just focus. That’s brilliant … because it’s true.  Just focus on a subject with joy and passion and your genus will show itself.

The rule goes like this. When how you feel starts taking a nose dive, give yourself 17 seconds to turn it around. If you can catch yourself before you drive off the cliff at 68 seconds, then you can continue to enjoy the scenery at the top of the cliff, instead of the shrubbery at the bottom.

The second you think a thought, it only takes 17 seconds for another thought of like vibration to join it. Just by paying the slightest bit of attention, the truth of this will reveal itself to you. That’s why it’s so easy to find new things to keep saying in the midst of an argument. Your being inspired to new words from the basis of how you feel.

So, today I woke up remembering how I felt before I feel asleep last night and as promised, I picked right back up where I left off … feeling yucky. It’s so easy to remember where we left off on a subject the day before, yes?

But I really didn’t want to stay there, if I could help it (and I can). I gave myself 68 seconds to see if I could write my way out of the gutter. And you wanna know what? I do actually feel better.

Here’s what I wrote (below in italics). If you’ve ever had a day where you’d like to “turn it around”, give this exercise a try. If you don’t have too much momentum going on a topic already, if you’re at the beginning of your journey down the hill, you can turn it around with ease. You can let go of the boulder and slow down the self-inflicted injuries that naturally occur when your “hanging on” for dear life.

What I did, in this exercise, is I let myself write how I felt (but not for too long). I gently guided myself back to a happier place, sentence by sentence, thought by thought. There is no jarring effect here, no need to turn your emotional journey off and on like a light switch, no need to feel bad about feeling bad. Just a gentle moving in the direction you’d rather be, emotionally, thought by thought.


Today I wish it didn’t matter that I so desired something to be different in my life. Today it is painful not to have the manifestations, the stuff I can see, hear, taste, touch and smell. Today I am deeply sad and I feel worn out. Today I am pinching myself off from the stream of well being that is there for me, always. Today is it raining. Today I am scared that things will never appear as a manifestation. And I so want to play with these fun manifestations. Today, I am a low vibration being. Today my fingers are typing every thing that I don’t want to be, do or have. The words are a match to how I feel, but I very much don’t want to stay here. I want nothing more than to feel better simply because feeling better … feels better. Today I am not just rolling the boulder down the hill. Instead of just pushing it and watching the destruction unfold, my bracelet got caught and am attached to it and every time it makes another roll I feel the harsh reality of what I’m creating by not letting go … bump … bump … bump …

Today, I feel like I don’t actually have control and that makes me sad … which of course is a lie. I do have control, so today, even the midst of my yucky feelings, I find the emotional place of knowing “this too shall pass”. It is not a place I can find with words. It is a place I have to feel my way to.

Today I would like to feel a little better. Today I would like to care a little less about what others think about what I’m doing. Today I know that tomorrow the sun will shine. Today, I know, is a blink in the span of my physical life here on earth. Today, now, is the present moment of my power​ and the feeling that I don’t have power is an illusion. I create by own reality, 100%, nothing less than that.

Today the new spring leaves outside my window are following their path to greatness, not caring about the cool weather or the lack of sun or the undulations that cause them to be somewhere other than they might feel they should be. They just let go and trust that the broader part of them, the truck, the roots, the soil, is taking care of their stability. Today they understand that their job is to be the best leaf they can be, regardless of what the other leaves are doing and whether or not they are in the budding stage or the full “I’m a leaf manifestation” stage as compared to the other leaves.

Today I can breath and I don’t need to concentrate on staying alive. Today I am under the shelter of a warm roof. Today I have clothes that fit me comfortably and that makes me feel good. Today I am able to blow dry my hair and that makes me more comfortable than when I don’t. It can itch my neck when I let it air dry. Today I have friends who will receive low vibration emails (such as this) and know not to panic. They know to stay where they are and that being happy when I am not is the only way they can truly help me. They just know to allow me to have my emotional hiccup and that it too, will pass. Today I am surrounded by some of my most cherished books and someday, at some point in the time-space continuum I will write a fiction story that has the power to help others who are wanting this “type” of information to feel better more consistently. I really like feeling good, feeling ease, feeling safe. I will excitedly, joyfully, add that book to my shelf and gaze upon it with amazement and wonder thinking, How did this all happen again? That is really going to be a fun process and I’m really looking forward to taking that journey. It will be a story that I am guided to by scribe from guidance provided  by the broader perspective part of myself that knows more than I can see right now with my physical eyes. Today I know that I need to let go of the resistance and fear in order to allow what I have asked for in. I will try my best to do that now, in my present moment of power. But is I don’t, that’s okay, too.

I feel a little better now that I’m turning myself around and heading downstream. I’m still gripping the oars out of fear that I need a floaty, but it’s okay. I don’t actually have to do anything different this red-hot minute. Everything really is okay. It always has been and will be. Soon I will drop the oars and move go. Soon I will learn to “be” the speed of the river, allowing it to take me exactly where I’d like to go.

Soon is now and I do feel better. Ah, I do feel better and that’s all that really matters. Today, in this moment, action is not as important as my feeing better. It is from this point of power, the feeling good point of power, that I will now create the rest of my day.

Give this a try next time you feeling yourself slipping down an emotional slope that you don’t want to be on?

It works, truly.

There is so much love for you here.



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