Law of Attraction is sitting in my driveway.

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It feels like there is a big misunderstanding about the Law of Attraction. If you saw the movie The Secret, it may have left you with the impression that it only works with the “big” stuff like getting a new job, making more money, that hunky new boyfriend, or standing on stage in front of a crowd of thousands having finally “arrived”. The people in the movie didn’t say that, of course, but when we watch a movie like The Secret it can feel otherworldly (because it’s not our world, our life). It can sometimes inadvertently launch a belief in us that is not true and doesn’t support our best life. The belief might feel and sound like, Gee, that’s great for them but I could never live in a house like that or have that kind of success or money.

So, how did the Law of Attraction end up in my driveway? I’m glad you asked.

It all started 8 months ago when a sixteen year-old rear ended by husband while he was driving our minivan. I only took it to get the bumper repaired yesterday. It’s taken that long for my husband to find the time to communicate with the insurance company and the car company. He can’t send personally emails from work which delayed the process, and I refused to be a go-between in a conversation where I didn’t have all the details.

Yesterday, we finally started the repair process. After I dropped off our minivan, I had to wait at the dealership for the rental car agency to pick me up. We only have one car so we had to get a rental. The way our insurance is set up we get $25 a day for car rental (not a loaner from the dealership) and the agency was located 10 minutes from the dealership. I couldn’t walk there so I had to wait for a ride.

A lovely girl, Annabeth, picked me up. She’s the manager of this particular Enterprise location and quite chatty. Come to find out she had just graduated from college and was hired straight away. She was telling me about a cruise to Mexico her best friend had surprised her with as a graduation present. They leave next week. I was asking her what she did for fun, if she liked what she did now for work and if this is what she’d always thought about doing. Long story short, she eventaully says, “I don’t really know what I want to do when I grow up. I was talking to my dad about that and he said, “Honey, just have fun. I don’t know what I want to do when I grow up either.”

Hum, I thought. I wonder if she’d like a copy of my book The Power of Focused Attention? I just happened to have one in my hand as I was rereading the chapter on emotion being our 6th sense. A few days before I’d received a comment from a reader that she was really enjoying this chapter so I thought I should go back and reread what I wrote.

When we got to the agency, they didn’t have a car available for $25 on the lot at that moment. They had to drop me off at home instead of my just hanging around the rental place for 2 hours, waiting for the fleet of new rental cars to arrive. The same lovely girl, Annabeth, drove me home. She was asking about my kids as I’d said we needed a car that could at least fit 4 people, if not 5. I mentioned that Isabella (my now 13 year-old) had published a book and Annabeth asked what it was about just as she pulled into the driveway. Since I mention Isabella in my book, I offered her my copy to find out more herself, instead of taking the time to explain more. She was delightfully surprised. I have several copies at home and I give them away as “business cards” anyway, so I was happy to do so.

Two hours later Annabeth was back to pick me up and get me settled with my rental. As I was filling out the paperwork, the man behind the desk said something about the size of the car but I didn’t understand what he said. He was smiling and seemed happy so I just nodded. I honestly wasn’t paying much attention. We ended up with a Toyota Camry which could easily fit the 5 of us (we have 5 people in our family), if needed.

This should be the end of my story … but it’s not. All in all, it’s not a very impressive story, right? In fact, it’s a very average-everyday-happens-to-lots-of-people story. But as you’re about to see, that’s the whole point.

The next day I drove my husband to the train. He travels a lot and is very familiar with the car rental scene. How’d you get this car? he asked. We only had $25 in rental car coverage from the insurance. Did you upgrade or something?

I don’t know. They just gave it to me. I didn’t upgrade. Why?

I proceed to tell him my average, everyday encounter with Annabeth, our lovely conversation, how I gave her my book, the drop off and pick up parts …. and then it hit me. I got the car because of Law of Attraction.

You might be thinking, Allison, Annabeth gave you a free upgrade because you gave her your book, duh.

Perhaps. But don’t forget to look under the hood of this story, so to speak.

I wasn’t trying to get a free upgrade, at all, by sharing my book. It hadn’t even occurred to me. I was actually hoping it might help her discover what she wanted to do “when she grew up”.

Fine, you say, I’ll give you that much. But if we look at this through the lens of how the masses seem to understand Law of Attraction, then you could say you got back what you put out, like energy attracts like.

You could say that; you’d be right. LOA states that like energy attracts like energy. I was nice to Annabeth; she was nice to me.


Realize means: you “get it” on a level that you never have before. You can see things more clearly than ever before. Oh, yeah. That makes sense now! you say when something makes sense to you that never before realized.

I had no resistance to the experience of renting a $25 a day car. No expectation and most importantly, no resistance. (When our expectation is high, so is our resistance—usually. Resistance comes in the form of emotionally feeling “that won’t happen for me even though I really want it to”.)

I did not expect to have a car other than the one allowed for $25. There was no excitement or hopeful thinking about having a better car than I paid for. What I did have was tons more powerful than expectation.

I had zero resistance (to the good that I had coming to me).

I was honestly just feeling good. I didn’t care if the process went fast or slow. It was 70 degress outside, sunny, and I had nowhere I had to be at a certain time (other than a 2:00 pm appointment for the girls at the orthodontist). I had little, to no, resistance to allowing the good that I FELT to come in greater abundance.

In other words, I was kind of clueless. But that’s exactly when I realized it started “showing up” (the good that I desired) faster. That’s also the kicker … all the good stuff I’ve been asking for has always been showing. I’d just never realized it before. The stuff that has felt hard to accomplish or succeed at … is already here for both of us. In fact, it’s here right now for all 7 plus billion of us.

LOA has done it’s part. I just need to realize it. In other words, make it real for me.

How to I do that? I frigg’n chill out. It’s that easy.

Are you following me? The LOA works based on how you feel. I felt totally at ease. I wasn’t demanding anything (my desire goals and results) happen.

Normally, I do. Normally I get frustrated, sad or worried when I ask for something like increased income or better health and if it doesn’t show up “right away” I get fearful that it never will.

Yesterday was different in that I first, didn’t give a hoot what happened and second, had a heighted sense of awareness.

So … in enjoying my happy feeling, I got more to feel happy about. I like to say you can’t get to happy from sad. You can only get to happy from happy.

Yesterday, I did just that. I went from happy, to happy and as a bonus was fully aware of what I was doing.

You’d expect the story to be done here … but it’s not.

The other day I was inspired to take a LOA “walk-about”. I’m writing an on-line Udemy program (That’s a “hidden” link for 30% off my other class. Sneaky, huh?) about how to better understand and work “with” LOA. I wanted to create some unique activities for the students to do and came up with idea of a walk-about. A LOA walk-about is very simple; it’s a walk but with a twist. What is unique about it is that you’re paying attention to all the ways LOA is meeting you at certain places and times to show you what you’re creating, moment by moment in your life. LOA is not showing you what you’re going to create 3, 12 or 24 months from now, but what you’re creating right now. Eckhart Tolle tried to tell us this in his book … that we only have the power of now … but I think we missed his point.

On my walk-about, I didn’t have a set path to walk or a set time. I just had an intention to see “proof” that LOA was working for me, every waking moment. And I got lots of proof just as you do everyday. But the genuis part about this LOA walk was that I realized it. I was in the right mindset to realize what was happening. I very well could have called all the things that happened on the walk “average”, “boring” “coinidence”, “luck”, “nothing out of the ordinary” or “I don’t see the big deal”. But I didn’t because I was in the right mindset at the right time to realize how my perfect path was unfolding step-by-step right under my feet.

You see, it wasn’t what happened on the walk that was extraordinary. It was that I was in the right vibration, the right mindset to realize it. You can’t see beyond the beliefs you’re in harmony with, in the moment you’re in. You can’t see calm when you’re angry. You can’t see happy when you’re sad. You can’t see hope when you’re despondant. It just won’t be “revealed” to you. It is being revealed, as in it’s always there, you just won’t see it if there’s a belief blocking your ability to realize it. If you can’t feel it, you won’t be it.

This is no different than the 1 sock you think you lost. It’s not lost; it’s in the lint filter and you just can’t see it. When you decide it’s not lost and that it is, in fact, right where it should be, that’s when it will be revealed to you. That’s when the revealation will happen for you.

In conclusion, the LOA is actually quite boring and unremarkable. So unremarkable you never remark on it. Most never see it at all. LOA is subtle, consistent, average and “no big deal”. It works for John Assaraf, Bob Proctor, Rhonda Byrne, you and I. It’s just as consistent with the famous people as it is with people who stick to their $25 a day rental coverage and don’t upgrade cause they don’t want to pay the extra.

And … the jokes on us because it’s never, ever been a secret. It’s showing up for us every day in the form of our results. We just thought it was a secret so we didn’t see all the very obvious clues. The power of belief is everything; it’s how our reality gets created.

I’ve been studying the LOA and how it works for over 3 years now and this is by far the biggest “revealation” I’ve ever had. It’s funny that LOA has been doing it’s job since the dawn of civilization and I just figured it out yesterday. Thank goodness it’s patience and consistent, just like the Law of Gravity.

I’ve never found myself floating on the ceiling even when I doubt the Law of Gravity is real. Have you? I never doubt that gravity is real, Allison. Duh, it’s so obvious.  No one falls up except Shel Siverstein. you think.

To that I say … The same goes for Law of Attraction. You can doubt its “realness” all you want but it’s going to just keep showing up in your driveway, regardless.



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  1. Your blogs normally have a lot of really up to date info. Where do you come up with this? Just declaring you are very inspiring. Thanks again

  2. Thanks for writing this. I really feel as though I know so much more about this than I did before. Your blog really brought some things to light that I never would have thought about before reading it. You should continue this, I’m sure most people would agree you’ve got a gift.

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