6 Things You Need to Know About the Law of Attraction.

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If you watched the movie The Secret, you’re familiar with the Law of Attraction. The Law states that like energy is attracted to like energy. Millions watched that flick, got super excited, then tried to change their lives via thoughts alone.

Myself, included.

Didn’t work. You? I didn’t get lots of traction with my thoughts alone. I had some really nice thoughts to, hand-crafted, finely tailored mantras that would make you giggle with excitement.

This is going to be the year, I’d say to myself. The money, the health, the friends, the success is mine. I really thought I’d figure it out. The movie was very clear Thoughts become things. The recipe was easy … be grateful, be grateful, be grateful.

I got this one, I reassured myself.

But, nothing changed. Was I not saying my new mantra loud enough for the Universe to hear? I was missing a huge piece of the puzzle. My riches, fame and happiness didn’t show up like it was supposed to. What went wrong? I had no idea.

So, as I always do I went a hunt’n, looking for what I missed. I’ll be darned if I didn’t find it. Took me three years but I finally figured it out. I know what how the Law of Attraction works.

Without further delay, here it is:

1) It’s based on what you FEEL, not just what you think. Your thinking is a byproduct of your feeling; it’s stage two of making it all real. Feeling and thinking happens at lightening fast speed, so you’re clueless as to which one comes first. But, I can assure you; it’s the feeling. Are you aware of how you feel?

2) It’s about rendezvousing with an experience, not just attracting stuff. You are attracting (as in stuff is moving toward you), but more importantly you’re meeting your experiences at a certain point in time and space. When do you meet them? All the time. What you experience depends on how you feel. If you’re looking to increase the “good” stuff, once you’ve felt good about the thing you want for long enough, it to “reveal” itself to you. Most people are thinking they can “pull” what they want toward them, just by thinking about it. But it’s not about pulling it toward you; it’s about meeting the experience at the drop site.

3) It’s about asking for what you want mentally and emotionally, once, then understanding that your request is answered vibrationally, immediately. It’t about repeating what you want 300 times every day on your way to work. You’ve been heard. The Universe is never not paying attention to you. But herein lies the rub. It’s in the form of a virtual reality, at first. Your request is answered at the moment of asking. But here’s the tricky part: because LOA is about meeting at the drop site at the “perfect” day and time, you have to let go of your chronic frustration about not seeing it right away and go about your business until the rendezvous is had.

4) If you feel anything other than ease, joy, fun, satisfaction, playfulness, trusting, security and happy when thinking about your desire, these emotion keep your desire at bay longer. Why? Because the LOA works perfectly and is never confused about what you’ve asked for. It gives you what you feel about, not what you think about. Freaked out about your money situation? LOA hears you loud and clear. Pissed off at your kids? LOA is on it bringing you more to be pissed off about. Hate your body b/c you’re not a size 6? That weight isn’t going to come off anytime soon then. Why? Because you’re only going to get what you feel about and if you feel mad, you’ll get more to be mad about. I wish I could make this part different, especiall for myself, but I can’t.

5) Your secret thoughts aren’t a secret to the Universe. Need I say more?

6) LOA works exactly like the Law of Gravity, univerally. You didn’t need to go to Law of Gravity school to figure it out. Your parents didn’t sit you down and say, “Johnny, sweetheart, if you stand up and trip you’re going to fall down.” You just fell down, again and again until you figured it out. You’re figuring out the Law of Attraction everyday, right here, right now. But you keep “falling” down because … well, you’re stubborn and habitual in your ways of thinking and feeling. If you’d just look at your results, you’d be able to figure this one out in a heartbeat.

So, if you’d like to get better results (like I do) then let’s be weirdos together and play with this “LOA” is real idea. Let’s see, according to the rules above, how much better we can make our lives just by paying attention to our EGS, or emotional guidance system. It’s there for a reason; don’t ignore the red, blinking link.


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