Groceries at Your Doorstep

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Ever thought to yourself, “I wish I had ……?”

Yeah … me, too. Kind of stinks to think about something you want, feel its absense and not be able to REALIZE it.

Why is it so much easier for some to REALIZE (realize means: to bring into reality; make real) what they want than others? Why do some people move so easily from “having a thought” to “having the thing they thought about” like more money, more success, or a healthier body?

(Start to pay attention to how many times a day you say, “Oh, I didn’t REALIZE that!” …. and you’ll begin to understand to REALIZE something you must first begin with the INTERNAL process of making it real. Physical things come into form from the inside-out, not the outside-in.)

That “I NEED to know!” feeling lead me down a road called Looking For The Answer Trail. It was a crazy long road that led me up and down cold, wet mountains, through hot, dry desserts and across sunny plains. I’ve been traveling by foot for about 5 years now.

Along the way I looked for the answer, found it, didn’t line up with it, felt frustrated.

Looked for it again, found it again, didn’t line up with it, felt bad.

Looked again, found it, didn’t really believe that was “real”, felt let down and bummed out.

Looked again, found the same answer yet again, didn’t line up with it, felt tired.

See the pattern? The answer was always the same but I couldn’t REALIZE it because I wasn’t in the right “mindset”. In other words, I wasn’t “tuned to the right frequency.” The answer was on the 101.5 FM station and I was on 85.2 AM. The answer was there, it had already been REALIZED, I just couldn’t see it from my perspective, my focus of attention.

One day about 4 weeks ago, I looked for the answer, found the same answer yet again, lined up with it this time … and experienced a sense of internal freedom never before REALIZED by me. In other words, the “never before made real” was suddenly REAL.

So what’s the answer to why some people REALIZE the stuff, the things- the money, the success, the friends, the houses, the relationships, the health, the happiness faster than others?

They line up with who they really are. Them and them are all lined up. Thoughts and feelings all lined up. Idea of what they want and a feeling of ease, trust, and security all lined up. The understanding that what at first can not be seen with the physical sense of sight must first be felt with your sense of ease before it will pop out of the haze into your experince all lined up.

Geez, Allison, slow down. you think. I’m not a metaphysical guru, you know. This stuff only kind of makes sense. So, how do people do that whole “line up” thing you just described above?

They FEEL GOOD FIRST, and from there they create the vision of what they want, they see it in their minds eye (visualization) and then they LET GO OFF WORRY AND DOUBT. The letting go of worry and doubt part changes the channel of their frequency and they REALIZE the stuff they want.

That’s the secret to a happy, healthy, and wealth life: go easy. It’s 100% about being easy about it. Sound TOO easy? That’s the catch. That idea will flip your paradigms about success upside down and run them through the emotional ringer.

Say what?! It’s supposed to be easy?!? Dad always said, Work hard or you’ll never get anywhere in life!

We think it’s supposed to be hard; it’s not. And if you believe it’s supposed to be hard (in other words, if you realize that it’s supposed to be hard) then everything is this world will tell you, will prove to you, it’s hard …. but me.

I’m proof that it’s not.

I’m the “proof”, or the realization, that you were looking for because 1) you found this article and 2) you’re reading what it says.

So, for today … if you can, be sure to give yourself permission to feel at ease about all the things you want to in life.

Who knows, it could be just the thing that allows you to find a surprise bag of groceries at your door just when you don’t need them.

Someone actually did that for a friend of mind. Sally (not her real name) had been in a bit of a pickle with money for a while … then finally REALIZED some. The amount she finally realized was more than enough to buy food for the month.

That same day, after she had relaxed about the idea of not having enough food to feed the family, someone left a fresh bag of groceries at her door. Just left them there, no note or nothing.

It was like … her realization of wanting enough food to eat and the actual food … couldn’t rendezvous in her experience until she chilled out about the food and money not being there. It took a condition (money and food showing up) changing before she felt better … but sometimes we just have to use conditions to feel better first before we’re strong enough to not use conditions to feel better first. Does that make sense?

It’s more than okay to do that, by the way, to use conditions to feel better when starting your I Want a Better Life Training course. I use Kaanapali beach in Maui as a condition to make me feel better all the time. From there, I practice strengthening my “I feel good no matter what” muscles so that when things aren’t going my way, I can rely on my strong muscles to hold me steady.

In this example, Sally didn’t chill out until after the condition of not having enough money for food, or there being enough food, had been soothed. However, it was the chilling out part that got her the additional bag of groceries at her doorstep.

How about you? Ready to have your, “groceries at your doorstep” realization?

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