One Day

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You know that thing you’ve always to do, be or have? That thing you keep saying you’ll get to one day?

One day is here. It’s today!! Aren’t you relieved?!

I know, I know. You’re honestly surprised, even overwhelmed that one day is finally here. You don’t feel ready. You haven’t prepared. You’ve got the kids, work, schedules, meals to cook, laundry to do …

Hold on, hold on, hold on. Stop for just a second. Did you hear what you just said?

Listen to what you’re saying…. they’re all excuses. Good ones, mind you, but still excuses.

Now wait. Keep in mind that I’m on your side here. Trying to defend why you can’t do something is working against you here.

I know your practiced beliefs feel like a safe place to hide but they’re just holding you back.

One day is here. Truly. It’s today.

Okay. Now that you’ve settled down a bit from the shock of its sudden appearance … what are you going to do about that thing?

Listen. I know it feels hard to shift and change but I’m not asking you to swallow any medicine that I don’t take myself.

Here what I did one day.

1) Wrote my book. It’s being edited and will be out in the next 2-3 months.
2) Got over my severe fear of public speaking (speaking my opinion in general, I should say) and this month I have 4 live talks. In front of real people.
3) Decided that loving me was more important than loving what others think of me. I slowed, then stopped some of the most negative voices in my head. Some still try and hang around from time to time but they’re not allowed to stay. I don’t miss them at all. And we were BFF’s.
4) Went from unemployeed stay-at-home mom to successful business owner working with world renowned personal development guru, Bob Proctor. I don’t have a business degree and barely made it through high school. And I didn’t have a plan on how to do all the stuff I did one day. I just got started. Then kept going. I’m still getting lots of stuff wrong but gosh, I’m also getting lots of stuff right.
5) I stopped eating foods that my body didn’t appreciate and weren’t good for it because I started listening to what it was saying. I feel better now.

You guys … we’re living on the leading edge of thought RIGHT NOW. Anything is possible as long as you can think of it, get started and keep going.

One day is here. Now. Did you get that?

Tomorrow is an illusion. Seriously … if you ever get to a day and it’s called tomorrow, please let me know?

Am I preaching to the choir? Or are there some of you who this helps?

It’s time to wake up, rub the sleep out of your eyes and become aware that today is your one day.

You’re amazing. NEVER, I mean never, get over yourself.

Coming soon is just 1 of the things I did one day. This book takes us beyond the Law of Attraction and into the realm of being awesome, today.

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