What if I don’t know what I love to do or what my life’s purpose is?

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Okay…so what if you don’t? What if you have been living your whole life…….35, 45, or 55 plus years just doing stuff you thought you should do and not stuff you really wanted to? Maybe you’ve been so busy just doing stuff that you haven’t even bothered to ask yourself what you love or what your life’s purpose is?

No problem. It’s okay. That’s the first thing you need to tell yourself…that’s it’s okay. You are not going to get an F if you leave this assignement blank.

Feeling badly because you haven’t identified your life’s purpose and thinking that you have lost time is of no use to you. It’s a thought that is never going to help you feel better. What if you tried to drive your car that way….looking in the rear view mirror the whole time? You’d be in the ditch or kissing a tree before you could say, “Mary Katherine!”

So .. why do we allow ourselves to feel badly for years just because we are unclear about what our life’s purpose and passion is? Training. It boils down to basic training.

You’ve trained yourself to think this way over the time-spaced repetition of an emotionalized idea. That idea became a paradigm and grew roots in your mind. Deep, thick not-coming-out easily Dandilion roots.

What would be more helpful to your feeling okay about this “lost time” idea would be to start thinking about what you do want to do. We can never get back the time we have already spent but we can always reframe and refocus.

What if you did more that was in harmony with your life’s purpose and passion in the next 3 years just by refocusing … than you did on the last 30? That would be very cool.

Imagine that you have been looking through a telescope at a cityscape everyday for 1 year. You’ve memorized the vision of that scape and you know every nook and cranny. In fact, you could draw it from memory.

The first time you turned and looked at a new scape it might automatically look like the cityscape you’d memorized until your eyes adjusted. You’d need to change the perspective you’d memorized.

You might even think you’re seeing pieces of the cityscape on the landscape. The mind is THAT powerful. But if you want to honestly see what the new landscape looks like, you’ll have to keep looking in the new direction and opening your awareness to this new vision you are now focusing on.

Keep blinking. You’re eyes will adjust. I promise.

If you keep thinking, “I don’t know what I love?” you will simply get more opportunities to feel confused about what you love. This is a Law of the Universe. The doesn’t care what you’re focusing on it … will just gives you more of what you’re focusing upon. The Law, by the way, is called the Law of Attraction and is invoked by the Law of Vibration. No need to panic if you know nothing about the natural Laws of the Universe. You didn’t go to gravity school and you did fine with that one. You’ll do fine with this one, too.

The first step in getting more of the new thing you are wanting is to turn your gaze away from the old scape and look at the new one. You know that thing you love’d when you were a kid. You’re life’s passion can be found in the things that feel like play.

Start with, “I am so happy and grateful that I love what I do!” Pretend that you’re joyfully engage in an activity that you love- even if other’s think its wierd.

Permission to act “strange”. You’re going to act like your new awareness is already here….until it shows up- for real. And it will.

Your positive emotional engagement will be what unlocks the HOW part of the equation. So many people want to know the HOW part before anything else and they close themselves off from attracting any experinces that will provide them with the HOW. You want to avoid being that kind of person if you can.

What’s the easiest and quickest way to do this? Start by understanding why you’re focusing there- in the past- in the first place. You’re focusing “there” because it’s a habit that’s became an emotionalized habit. You start with a thought, “I don’t have enough time to make something out of my life!” which created a chemical cocktail out of certain hormones. Those hormones have to go somewhere once they’re released so they get dumped into your blood stream. You FEEL them with your nervous system and you respond by saying, “I FEEL anxious that I don’t have enough time to make something out of my life!”

Your cell receptor sites have now adjusted to that chemical cocktail you created with the repetition of that specific thought. They’re ready for the influx of hormones you released with the thought. This all feels so familiar to them.

Once the cells have received the cocktail, they send a signal back up your spine that they got what it expected. “Send more please!”, they say.

So…you keep thinking about what you were thinking about….but you don’t know why. And you probably wish you could stop if it doesn’t feel good. Sound crazy? It’s not. It’s biological.

So … I’d like to invite you into a new way of thinking about the rest of your life. It’s one that include living your blessing, your passion and even getting paid for it.

Life is good. Really, really good.



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