A Sky Full of Stars

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The sky is brilliant. Hard to imagine it’s real. Radiant dark blue, littered with stars.

I spin. And spin and spin and spin. Feels like hours go by. It’s hard to believe the beauty I behold- the night sky. In this moment …spinning … my thoughts are momentarily quieted. I feel infinite. My hands seem to stretch out forever. I go on .. to the end of time.

There are people everywhere-in a circle around me. I can feel their hands slap against mine as I twirl in circles and move with the energy that creates worlds.

We are brilliiant. We are light. We are love. I am certain.

It’s not about me. Never was. It’s about using our gifts to help others and this is what we call brilliance-this understanding. The stars are the infinite thoughts we all have available to us.

We all have “it”. Twirl we must.

The stars …  are so amazing. We … are so amazing ……….

Chirp, chirp, chirp. The text breaks my visualization.

I love to play “A Sky Full of Stars” by Coldplay really loudly and visualize. The louder the better. The music inspiring.

Whatever happens to come to mind is perfect. No resistence. No judgement. No trying to control it.

Today … it was spinning and a brilliant night sky. Today … it was you.

We are here to play together and have fun. So important to have fun. This I know to be true.

Join me?

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