Why can’t I get better results?

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Have you ever asked yourself this question?

Why can’t I get better results?

If you have, you’re not alone.

This question rings true for those who have higher level degrees and those who have very little formalized schooling. Many of us invested in the idea that working harder was the fastest way to produce our desired results- more health, wealth and happiness. So we buckled down and stayed the course. We worked harder and longer.

But after years of this exhausting method we eventually realize that something doesn’t feel totally right about this method.

“How can I work any more hours?” we say. “There are only 24 in a day!”

The results we so very much wanted didn’t show up just from working harder. Or maybe they showed up but then left again. We finally give in with the realization that this approach is not sustainable.

Yet despite consciously knowing this and experiencing a lack of results, we oddly seem to keep using the same method of trying harder ……..rationalizing that it has to work. It just has to. We want our results!

The Mother of all Gaps

The gap between what we know intellectually and our results can seem huge sometimes. This gap is called the knowing-doing gap. It is a ridiculously frustrating place to live. This is the place where you talk to yourself and say, “Why aren’t things changing? I know better than this!” with tears rolling down your red hot cheeks. This is the place where you truly begin to realize that working harder is not the answer……in the knowing-doing gap.

Many of us were raised with the belief that getting more education would magically open the gateway to a better lifestyle- better health, wealth and happiness. How do we know that’s what we believe? It’s what we do. We get higher degrees, attend more seminars, and take more classes….over and over again. Next time you hear someone talking about getting different results, ask them how they plan on getting them. I am betting that they are going back to school or taking more classes. The idea of being able to become more successful without further schooling fries our brains. It just doesn’t make ANY sense.

For some people, more training magically solves the problem. I call them “unconscious competents”. They create success for themselves while getting higher degrees, attending more seminars and taking more classes. But this doesn’t happen for everyone. The successful ones encourage the strugglers to, “Just do it!”

To that we respond, “But I AM trying. I really am!”  The “successful” ones have never been able to successfully transfer their secret results getting methods to others…..

Until now.

Pair of what’s?

Paradigms are emotionalized beliefs that are engrained in your subconscious mind. The prefix sub means below. They control 95% of your behaviors, actions and attitudes. In other words, paradigms control your results. And working harder doesn’t change them.

Paradigm are planted deep into your subconscious mind and have direct conversations with your nervous system. They are the reason you feel a certain way.

Between 0-7 years of age your sub-conscious mind is wide open to receiving whatever is thrown at it. You were literally programmed when you were little to talk a certain language, like certain foods, behave a certain way and believe certain things about yourself and the world.

At this stage of development, the brain wave frequencies that we call “conscious mind” have not totally developed. The filter of the conscious mind- where you accept and reject information- is not there yet to protect you and allow you to design your own operating manual.

The sub-conscious mind can not and will not accept or reject anything. Everything is real for this part of the mind. When you think and feel badly about youself, your sub-conscious mind believes this to be the Truth. It thinks this experience is what you want more of. Law of Attraction then kicks in  and brings you more opportunities to feel badly. Or…if you are thinking and feeling good, then you get more of that in your experience. Seems a tad bit unfair that noone ever told us this before now.

The emotional vibration (emotional state) you are creating every minute of every day is what invokes the Law of Attraction. We are never a victim of circumstance like we think we are when we are living unaware of our intense creative abilities. Whatever your predominant emotion vibration is what you will get more of.

It is not just you reading this blog entry, it is your paradigm. Your paradigm is filtering how much if this blog you are understanding. In order to make sure I’m getting your attention, I am restating an important point: There is more to getting good results than just consciously thinking postively and taking action. Pay close, close attention to how you feel and grow your awareness regarding this. Your EGS (emotional guidance system) is an important part of your getting better results. Remember the movie The Secret? That was a wonderful movie but it forgot to mention that feelings are the super generator for getting better results. Yes, positive thinking is a critical tool in the thinking, feeling, action, results cycle. But our emotional resonance is the gasoline, or the fire extinguisher, on the flame of positive thought.

The Universe is an astonishly abundant place and it will give you ANYTHING you ask for….but this point of attraction doesn’t come directly from your conscious mind. It is attracted to you by your sub-conscious emotionalized programs and how you feel. How you FEEL is your greatest point of attraction with the Universe.

Once you plant an emotionalized idea in the fertile ground of the un-conscious, it takes root and grows. It’s like the persistent weed in your yard that you didn’t want (negative paradigm) OR the oak tree that you love (positive paradigm). Both grow deep and powerful roots system. One you enjoy, the other you don’t.

You can become aware of what your paradigms are by observing your results. NOTE: Do not spending time trying to anazlye and discover your negative paradigms. What you focus on will expand and you don’t what to keep strenghthening your limiting paradigms.

Results always tell you the truth about what ideas have been planted in your subconscious emotional mind. Paradigms can be productive or non-productive. Your job as a growth oriented being is to keep planting new, productive paradigms that you feed and water with joy daily. Without focused attention on creating new, joyful paradigms that are harmonious with what you want, the old non-productive ones will stick around forever….literally.

You Are a Receving Station for Pure Energy

Energy is always flowing to and through us. Einstein knew this, now you do, too. Think of a light bulb. The energy coming through the wall is infinite and gets expressed in the exact amount allowed by the bulb. A 40 watts bulb will express 40 watts of light energy, a 60 watt bulb will express 60 watts of light enegy, and a 100 watt bulb will express 100 watts of light energy. Same outlet, different expression of infinite energy. The amount and form of energy expressed is always in direct relation to the instrument through which it is expressed.

We have an infinite amount of energy flowing to and through us all the time. Our paradigms are like the light bulb. We can only express results that are in an equivalent form to our paradigms. If we have a paradigm that says we are not worthy of earning more than $50,000 a year, then that is all we earn. Change the paradigm to one of a person who earns $500,000 a year, and you will get a harmonious result. This is a Universal law that doesn’t care if you finished High School, have a Masters Degree or how hard you work. The infinite energy that is flowing to us 24/7 will get expressed in the exact shape of the paradigm.

We can never outperform our paradigms. Just as the 40 watt bulb can never express 60 watts of light energy, you can never get different and sustainable results without changing your paradigm.

Changing your behavior alone does not usually work to permanently change the paradigm. Just ask anyone who’s ever been on a diet. They have usually been on every diet and will honestly tell you, “Nothing worked!”

If it was as easy as just changing our behavior to get better results, we would see more people easily creating a lifestyle they love just by manipulating their behavior. Changing behaviors can sometimes change the paradigm but it’s the slower and more painful way to do it. The person who gets better results with what seems like behavioral change alone has also changed their paradigm…… but they don’t know that’s what they did so they can’t explain it to you this way. They are just not aware that’s what they did to create their new success.

So now what?

Gaining more knowledge and understanding while changing your paradigm is essential. Learning, growing and experiencing is why we are on this planet in this space and time. So as we change the paradigm to get better results we must continue to learn and grow…… but in a new way that closes our knowing-doing gap.

Learning more about the conscious and subconscious mind is essential to expanding our awareness. But understanding is even better. If we get anything, we should get more understanding.

In this article I have hinted that additional schooling is not always the answer to getting different results. Don’t misunderstand me…I think schooling is a must. I have a Masters of Education Degree myself. But it wasn’t that higher degree and more schooling that got me my better results. In fact, it had very little  to do with it. It was getting more understanding about how the mind works that allowed me to excel like never before. I now understand how to cause my better results, any results, that I want. It’s only a matter of time before I am living in the experience of them. This I know to be true and it allows me to live more joyfully, not fearfully.

It is critical that we contine to learn and grow in life, but we must also understand ourselves and commit to deepening that understanding- mentally, spiritually and emotionally. That is where our greatest successes will be found and our better results manifested.


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