Why does the money keep leaving?

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I was communticating with a friend (I’ll call him “Sam”) the other day on the topic of having a poverty mindset. He was worried about the control his negative money paradigm had on him. It was a paradigm full of lack and limitation. The result of that paradigm was he was struggling to earn the amount of money he truly wanted and he was deeply afraid of running out of it. Via email, this was my resposnse. Perhaps it will be of some help to you, too?

Sometimes when we become more aware of what is happening internally (negative paradigms, negative vibrations in the form of emotions) it feels a bit like we are Harry Potter before he first discovered we was a wizard. Have you ever read the books or seen the movies? Before Harry understood he was a wizard, things would happen to him and he didn’t know why. Things that appeared to be “accidental” were always in relation to how felt. He created by feeling a certain way.

When he got angry with someone in his world as he got older, he could “make things happen” without really thinking about it. Emotion was the driver in his world, as it is in ours. Then when he realized his gift of creation (in other words his creative powers) he did things on purpose but they were always with a mindset of protecting himself from those who were trying to hurt him. In the end, he realized that his gift was special and no matter what happened in the circumstances around him, nothing could actually hurt him.

I think when we begin to awaken to the true power we have to create, we feel a bit like the young Harry Potter. At first, we have no idea that we are creating our life. Then, even when we understand what we are really capable of, we don’t always use that power to create the good that we want. Why do we do this? We just don’t know yet how to  clearly focus our creative power. If we did, we would. It takes a lot of practice and focused attention to learn how to control our creative power. We have incredible powers of creativity but we have a bit of trouble focusing that power in the direction that we want as amateurs wand wavers. Our unwanted circumstances are a bit like that nat that keeps buzzing around our head at the summer picnic. We keep swatting at it willy-nilly not aiming our power at one thing but all over instead.

After a while and with some practice (which could be days, weeks, or years), we begin to be able to control our creative power and focus it in the direction of our choice. You are creating “Sam”, have no doubt about that. It is a blessed thing but maybe you are just not aware of what you are aiming your power at? When I say creative power, I am talking about emotional and vibration power, not just thoughts power alone. I believe our subconscious mind is like Harry’s wand. It takes time to understand how to wield its great vibrational power. And it is, and always will be sub-conscious…… which is the pickle we find ourselves in as humans. Our greatest power for creation lies under our radar of awareness……until it doesn’t.

Thank goodness we have our own version of Dumbledore (Bob Proctor) to help us grow our awareness and learn to point our emotional wards in the direction we want.

If you can, be kind with yourself and guide yourself to know that results always show us what we are investing in emotionally-and subconsciously. Could it be that as you stretch and grow your poverty consciousness is coming up and out to be released and as it does you are noticing more of it?

Many times the skin is used as a vehicle for the release of something we are trying to get rid of. We can get rashes, sore spots, bumps and other indicators that something is coming up and out. This can be a source of discomfort for us if we don’t understand that in order to heal, the thing that is not in harmony with our better health must come up and out so we can feel better.

Paradigms are like rashes. They tend to get more intense as they are about to leave for good. This is the reverse gear on the vehicle of the mind theory of mine. To first impress ideas in our subconscious mind, they go from consciously repeated to buried deep within the unconscious. Makes sense that when they are readying themselves for their departure they go from the subconscious realm up and out through the conscious realm. As they pass through, they can give us a bit of a shiver.

I use my results as an indictor of what is happening sub-consciously for me. I know that the subconscious is my fertile field in which I plant any and all ideas I want to grow. But I also know that because we live in a 3D time-space buffered world- it will take time for me to see the fruit of my labor. If results turn in a direction that I don’t want, I know I have created this even if it is an uncomfortable situation to be in for the moment. “This too shall pass” is one of my favorite sayings because of the deep truth that it holds.

It has taken me almost 2 years to turn my non-productive money paradigm around. It produced many repeated and not so great results for me as I was learning about my creative powers. Repeating unproductive results over and over again (even though I knew better-this is the knowing-doing gap) was painful for me to participate in for 2 years. 2 long years it was! But….. I started to see how it was my emotionalized belief about money and my self-image about receiving money that was causing my results. So I changed it one thought at a time, more day at a time.

I must have made some big changes about 3-4 months ago (which seems to be the time delay between my thinking about something and the physical result) because just yesterday I became aware as to how much my money paradigm has been healed since I started with PGI (Proctor Gallagher Institute). This month is the first month in 17 years that my husband and I are seeing a surplus in our personal savings account instead of a negative. (I am the banker and major spender in the family). For 17 years I was playing out a paradigm about money that was causing it to leave faster than it would come in. It has taken me 2 years of study, several PGI live events (time with Bob) and lots and lots of mental and physical application of my new belief to get my financial “titanic” sized paradigm headed in the right direction.

I can see, via my present results, that my time and effort is paying off (no pun intended). But I did not see better and consistent results financially for 2 years. It took me that long to figure it all out and change my paradigm- all the while I was still seeing and living my old, not so fun results. I had to be patient and learn to believe in the unseen results I was emoto-visualizing. Some people this process of healing their negative paradigms will take less time, some more. This is the variable that is never consistent for everyone. We are all so different and unique.

You will be successful, “Sam” if you just keep moving in the direction of your deep desire, your worthy ideal. I can not tell you how much time it will take but I can tell you that with desire and dedication to your new goal and results, you will have them.

Be well.

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