To learn more about my newest class Accelerate Your Mojo: Complete Self-Guided Course, click here. For 20% off the current course tuition fee, use the code LIVING360WEBSITECOUPON (all caps, all one word) on the checkout page.

The Accelerate Your Mojo Self-Guided Course helps you:

*Dramatically decrease feeling of self-doubt, regret, and self-judgement as you increase self-confidence, self-love and self-awareness.

*Master the able to shake off fear and resonate with ease, certainty, and a sense of relief even when things aren’t going your way.

*Master your intuitive (and emotional) guidance system so you always know what your next best decision is in any situation.

*Transform fear into ease, personally and professional, whenever it shows up again (and it will).
Make peace with who you really are, love yourself more fully, and witness daily miracles in your life.

*Optimize your innate resilience, emotional flexibility, an optimistic mentality.

*Know—beyond a shadow of a doubt— in your heart and mind, that things are always working out for you no matter what it looks like.

*Shift your perspective from hopeless, anxious, or depressed to hopeful, happy and faith-filled.
*Develop unshakable confidence in your ability to turn your thoughts to things and your ideas into experiences. Witness the viability of your dreams as they come to life.

To watch a video describing who this course is for and what the transformations are, click here.


Here are a few recent reviews from my Visualization Mastery 201 on-line class. The class is hosted on Udemy and enrollment is on-going. Feel free to check out a few of the free preview lessons anytime!

Click here to view the class listing. (My apologies for the blurry nature of the images!)




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