What is Living 360?

Hi. I’m Allison. The CEO of Living 360 Coaching. Living 360 Coaching is a boutique coaching company located on the North Shore of Chicago yet designed to serve globally. Clients who choose to work with us are looking to:

  • feel calmer and more peaceful in today’s hectic world
  • change the way they think, feel, and act regarding themselves, their relationships and their success creating better, tangible results they can taste, touch, see, smell and hear.
  • develop a healthy self-confidence
  • increase their income
  • find their dream job
  • set, and achieve, their most burning desires
  • transform stressful, negative thinking into more positivie thinking and feeling
  • learn to make effective choices are right for them and move forward with consistent, sustainable inspired actions
  • reduce their stress about the “how” part of their desires (how will I get the money, the connections, the better health, the training, the confidence, etc.)
  • learn to be happy—no matter what their situation or circumstances so that you can always be moving forward with buckets full of hope, faith and a permanent grin. This is a key ingredient to their tangible success and all the health, wealth and happiness you want.
  • are looking for a way to create purpose-driven lives for themselves and their children.
  • are seeking a long term, sustainable solution for chronic stress and frustration.

If you identified with one or more of the above challenges, is Living 360 Coaching a possible solution?

Yes, it is. Working with clients for over three years now, we’ve found that those who truly desire a solution can feel better quickly, and get better results, by following the step-by-step system used in the coaching program. You can check out what a few of them had to say on the success page and in Allison’s new book The Power of Focused Attention: A High-Velocity Formula for Creating a Life You Love and Awesome Results That Stick.

What are my options if I decide I’d like to say, “Yes!” to my results and get started today?

There are two ways to begin the Living 360 journey.

Option #1 is for those who are tired of being frustrated and not getting results they truly love. It’s for those who have tried everything else and are ready for a sustainable solution that improves both their personal and professional results. The core program for this option is called Thinking Into Results Leadership Program. It can delivered in a 12 (or 24) week program. TIR is specifically designed by the Proctor Gallagher Institute for personal and professional growth in the areas of mindset and leadership. It’s a one-of-a-kind proven system for thinking into any results you truly desire. I’m certififed to teach and coach this material. (For more details on the TIR progam, click here)

Option #2 is way less personalized but none-the-less still awesome. We encourage you to check out Allison’s new course. It’s called Visualization Mastery 101: Turn Thoughts to Things Today. (NOTE: The course name has been changed from Life Success with Visualization and we will update the video to reflect this change asap.)


Why do you use the PGI program?

Plain and simple … it works. I’ve studied personal development with Bob Proctor for over three years now. Personally, I’m a dedicated student to many of the “living masters”. Thinking Into Results is the best program I could find in the industry for sustainable personal and professional results. It’s used worldwide by individuals, small businesses, and larger corporations.

How can one program be appropriate for both personal and professional use?

You can’t take the person out of the profession. They’re intimately interwoven. When you go to work or play with your family, you take yourself with you—everytime. When you invest in developing your person, all your relationships, projects and professional results increase. Investing in you is the best investment you can ever make.

Thinking Into Results was designed by Sandra Gallager and Bob Proctor in 2009. Sandra was a corporate lawyer who fell in love with her own personal development when she met Bob. She had an epiphany as she listened to Bob talk in a seminar one day and realized she was never really taught how to think in law school … at least not like this. Soon after that realization she joined forces with Bob in his company first as a student, then as a leader (when it was called Life Success Corporation).

From there Sandra created Thinking Into Results—the best and most up-to-date Bob Proctor teachings. She is now CEO of the Proctor Gallagher Institute. Thinking Into Results is strategically designed to blend personal development success and professional growth. The two go hand-in-hand and are the perfect marriage to create quantum growth.

Do I have to have a “profession” to get the most out of Thinking Into Results?

No, you don’t. TIR has both a personal and professional component but it’s not necessary to be currently have a professional career path to benefit from this personal development material.

But honestly? It’s more than just “a program”. It’s a proven system for creating solutions for the above listed challenges. No one needs another program; they want their results.

However, by following a proven system, you can create your results as fast—or slow—as you’d like. That’s the great thing about a proven system, or formula. If you follow it, it works. It’s a plug and play method.

You know … you don’t have to be lucky or super talented to get better results. You can live a life you love just by being normal you.

What’s Allison’s experience?

Allison has training, and client service experience, in many areas. She holds a Masters of Education Degree from DePaul University, taught elementary school for many years in Chicago’s private sector and is trained as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach by the CHEK Institute and a Thinking Into Results Coach by the Proctor Gallagher Institute.

But more importantly, and what we consider more impressive, is her ability to take super challenging life success concepts and boil them down so a child can understand and implement them. Ironically, her amazing quantum growth over the last three years has nothing to do with the letters after her name. Success “happened” for Allison when she discovered, and aligned with, her life’s purpose, created organization around her thinking and feeling and took big, inspired action.

When she decided she was fed up enough with NOT living the life she really wanted, she found the right mentors for her and transformed from a shy stay-at-home mom to a successful entrepreneur, author, public speaker, and a consistently happier, more relaxed person.

What is my next best move if I’d like to know more about the possibility of working with Allison?

If you’ve identified with one or more of the bullet points above and are interested in a complimentary 15 minute “What’s my next best move?”, please email us at

We’d love to see if Allison is  the right person to help feel better and get the results you’re looking for. We know you want to live better, healthier and happier … creating improved results in all areas of your life. How do we know that? You’re human.

If we have not listed a challenge you’re having … but you’re curious if we might be able help, please do not hesitate to connect with us.  We’re always happy to talk … and it never hurts to ask.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.

How do we get Allison to speak at our next event on the topic of purpose, vision and goals?

That’s easy. Just send us and email at and ask. We’d love to help you out!