What is Living 360 Coaching?

Hi. I’m Allison. The CEO of Living 360 Coaching. Living 360 Coaching is a private coaching company created and designed to serve those who:

  • are tired of feeling overwhelmed.
  • want to feel happier, calmer and more in control of their life.
  • want to discover and live into their life’s purpose.
  • want to be and think more positive.
  • are sick of allowing situations and circumstances to control how they feel and act.
  • truly desire healthier, happier relationships.
  • want to finally take consistent inspired action on their dreams.
  • are looking for a way to create purpose-driven lives for themselves and their children.
  • are seeking a long term, sustainable solution for stress and frustration.

If you identified with one or more of the above challenges, is Living 360 Coaching a possible solution?

Yes, it is. I’ve worked with many clients over the years and found that those who truly desire a solution can feel better quickly by following the step-by-step system used in the coaching program. You can check out what a few of them had to say on the success page and in my new book The Power of Focused Attention: A High-Velocity Formula for Creating a Life You Love and Awesome Results That Stick.

What are the specifics of the Living 360 Coaching program?

The core of my program is a system called the Thinking Into Results Leadership Program. It’s a system specifically designed by the Proctor Gallagher Institude for personal and professional growth in the areas of mindset and leadership. It’s a one-of-a-kind time tested system for thinking into any results you truly desire.

Why do I use the PGI program?

Plain and simple … it works.

But honestly? It’s more than just “a program”. It’s a proven system for creating solutions for the above listed challenges. No one needs another program; they want their results.

By following the system, you can have them. That’s the great thing about a proven system, or formula. If you follow it, it works. My favorite part is watching the magic happen as client after client gets clear, focused and takes consistent action on creating a life they love—happier, healthier and more relaxed.

What is your experience?

My training and client service has been in many areas. I hold a Masters of Education Degree from DePaul University, taught elementary school for many years in Chicago’s private sector and am trained as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach by the CHEK Institute and a Thinking Into Results Coach by the Proctor Gallagher Institute.

What is my next best move if I’d like to know more about the possibility of working with Allison?

If you’ve identified with one or more of the bullet points above and are interested in a complimentary discover session to see if working together is a possible solution, please email me at I’d love to see if I am the right person to help you live better, longer and happier … creating improved results in all areas of your life.

If I have not listed a challenge you’re having … but you’re curious if the Living 360 Formula might help, please do not hesitate to connect with me. Always happy to talk and you’ll never know, if you don’t ask.

Looking forward to speaking with you soon. Set up your free discover session today!